Musa Coseri

See how MUSA works

General presentation

The MUSA Coseri site was opened in 2016, based in Cateasca commune.It is located 800 meters from the A1 Pitesti-Bucharest highway, in its own hall, specially designed for the specific activities of the company, totaling over 4100 square meters of construction.


Today, after 5 years of activity and investments, the Coseri Factory, with the help of a staff of 150 people, produces pressed, welded, painted parts(through external subcontractors) and assemblies. For the automotive market, the product portfolio includes cross elements for the roof, supports for various engine components, reinforcement elements. In addition to the automotive industry, our company manufactures products for a wide range of locks for various applications and is open to dialogue for other branches of industry compatible with production specifications and capacity.


Our experience in the field is illustrated by the use of a diversified range of presses, so as to cover a wide field of production and to meet the specific requirements of each component.

High capacity presses:

Press modelForce TfTable size Cadence (strokes/min)​Coil line
ERFURT /15002800X180020
BLISS /16002750X168024 DSF3-1600
BLISS /26002750X168024DSF3-800
ERFURT /25002800X180020
ERFURT /3 5002800X180020NCDF-1000
K3535 /1 3152470x125018(25 automatic) GLK3-800
ALES PRES6303200X160020 DSF3-800
ERFURT /14002680x164020
ERFURT /24002815x164020
K3535 /23152470x125018(25 automatic)
BLISS4002950x168024 DSF3-800
In Acquisition800--yes
In Acquisition1000--yes

Small capacity presses:

Press ModelForce Tf.Table Size (mm)Cadence (strokes/min) Coil line
RASTER 1801600X91030...150DIMECO
K3732 /11601970X1250 24;32;48
ZANI /22001600X94035...105 1600X940
ZANI / 12001600X94035...105SMTCP
SMV125975X7800...123RNC 400
9SMV 50750X5700...160DERULOR
RASTER751225X116050...250RNC 300
PMC /1100900x62050
PMC /2 100900x62050
PMC /3100900x61550
K3732 /21601970x1245 24;32;48NCDF-1300