Press Shop

With more then 25 years of experience in the production of sheet metal parts, MUSA Pitesti'96 produces quality parts mainly for the automotive industry but for other industries too. For the automotive market, the product portfolio includes transverse elements for the flag, supports for different engine components, reinforcement elements, etc.
Our products are generally made of steel with a thickness between 0.65 - 4 mm, as well as aluminum or stainless steel and our experience in the field is illustrated by the use of a diverse range of presses, so as to cover a wide range of production, that meet the specific requirements of each client.
Our press shop department was developed since 2010 following press parts production local market increase in context of horizontal industry development around the Dacia-Renault plant. For metalworking we use hydraulics and mechanicals presses for bending, flanging, blanking and embossing the metal sheets. Progressive stamping is the main method we use for modifying the raw material, which allows the forming press to perform one or more operations until a finished part is released. Some of press are combined with an automatic feeding system in order to reduce production time. The advantages of this type of press is the production cycle time and the main disadvantages is that it is not suitable for high precision deep drawing. The other important press method is transfer stamping, which operate a number of dies until the finish part is released. Each die is responsible for adding more shape to the part until the metal work piece attains its final shape.